Tired of cleaning your blinds the old-fashioned way, dripping water everywhere and wondering what to do with the wet blinds? At Hang & Shine of Pembroke, KY we clean most types of blinds and window shades using ultrasonic sound waves. These are the same type of sound waves that are used to clean fine jewelry. This cleaning process is the safest and most thorough known in the cleaning industry. 

The combination of our ultrasonic cleaning technology and our training enables us to do much more than just clean the dust off your blinds. We get into every little nook and cranny of a blind, whether it's a mini-blind, cloth vertical, or a pleated shade. Our cleaning process removes nicotine, soot, grease, grime, and even the oils and dirt in the pull cords. The bottom line--- not only will your blinds look like new, they also will operate like new. Ultrasonic cleaning also destroys bacteria, removes pollen, dust and other particles which can contribute to many health problems.

We clean:

  • Vinyl, Faux, Composite, Wood*, and Metal Blinds
  • Horizontal and Vertical Blinds
  • Pleated and Honeycomb Shades
  • Silhouette and Luminette Sheer Shades

*We can clean wood blinds; however wood blinds cannot be immersed in water. We carefully clean wooden blinds by hand.



How well does the Ultrasonics process clean? 

The ultrasonic sound waves saturate every portion of the blind, lifting dirt from the blind (see sound wave picture above). 
There is no scrubbing action that could scratch the surface of a blind. The cleaning process cleans more then just the vanes (slats) on blinds; it also cleans the ladders and wands, and head rail. More importantly, it lubricates all the mechanisms so not only does your blind look like new, but also will operate like new. This cleaning process is the safest and most thorough known in the cleaning industry.

How long will our blinds be gone? 

What makes our cleaning process unique and so sought after is that we are able to clean, dry, and re-hang your blinds all in the same day. We take pride in knowing that our customers won't have to be without their blinds overnight.

What kinds of blinds do we clean? 

We are trained to clean most types of blinds, including vertical blinds, pleated and honeycomb shades, silhouettes, and even the old fashioned 2" Venetian blinds.


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